The approach

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same. ” Francesca Reigler


As you see from the latest blog, I’m no longer continuing with Aye Can but instead switching to a new social enterprise Ayecan Change.

Thanks for support to those who have been with me.

May your adventures be great and your time outdoors plentiful.

Easier said than done sometimes but, how we think does have a huge impact on our general health and wellbeing.  Whilst we may not be able to control everything in our lives, we can work on how we react to the world.  Sometimes though, we need a little extra support to improve our approach and change what we do.  This is where the approach taken at ‘Aye Can’ makes the difference.

If you are interested in managing your weight – I’d appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey and access a free short course being developed on the subject.

‘Aye Can’ works with you on a partnership basis to support changes that you want. This active process is about you wanting to do something and being willing to try a different approach.  I will help you on an adventure, supporting you to reach goals you set and you can join me on some of the Adventures I am offering too.

Aye Can is about inspiring change and adventure at every level for you – recognising the connections between mind spirit and body.

Techniques used include: Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),  Timeline Therapy, and Laughter Yoga to support you to change and create your own positive future as well as practical skills to improve physical fitness.

So what do all the terms mean?

Hypnotherapy is a safe effective way to make changes for yourself.  When under hypnosis, you are in a heightened state of alertness both focused and relaxed at the same time. Sometimes people are afraid that they will lose control under hypnosis or be made to do stupid things similar to something they have seen on TV.  On the contrary, you only do what you want to do and will dismiss any suggestions that ‘jar’ or fail to make sense to you.

Hypnosis allows you to tap in to your subconscious mind which is really useful when you are trying to change habits and it works well combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching.

You are in control and I work with you to decide what you want to change so that it is your words and ideas that are used.

Imagine you could change the way you see the world and make the most of who you are.  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) provides techniques that can help you:

  • make a decision when you are torn between two situations
  • establish clear goals and actions
  • challenge limiting beliefs
  • empower yourself with positive beliefs
  • find strategies that work to change unhelpful habits

‘TImeline Therapy'(TM) is a way of dealing with major negative emotions that may be holding you back such as anger, fear, guilt and sadness. The technique allows you to deal with negative emotions without having to relive lots of trauma or uncomfortable feelings from the past and it can be adapted to ‘Create Your Own Future'(TM).

Life coaching is when you are supported by a coach to make changes. A coach is somone who can work alongside you and champion you, believe in you, and help you change things for yourself so that you have the life you want to have.   This is really useful if you are facing major change or want to make major changes to your life, health and well-being.

Laughter yoga is a way of laughing without needing jokes, comic situations or a sense of humour to get you going.  It is about engaging in playful, child like actions that bring a smile to your face. It combines laughter exercises with yoga type breathing.

A great way to unwind and take life a little more lightly.

Scientific evidence suggests that laughter is indeed the best medicine so why not give it a go.

I also run Nordic Walking courses and map reading courses to help you get fit and out and about.

For more information contact Fran 075 1895 8032 or complete the form below and I’ll get back to you.


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