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As you see from the latest blog, I’m no longer continuing with Aye Can but instead switching to a new social enterprise Ayecan Change.

Thanks for support to those who have been with me.

May your adventures be great and your time outdoors plentiful.

 Featured on Grand Tours of Scotland again Feb 2016

Women CAN read maps  Contact for up and coming dates or if you have three women I can run a course for you.

Many women lack confidence and skills to read maps, yet with the right approach they can soon pick up the basics.  Join me on a course that will inspire you to get out and enjoy navigation. Learn how to read a map and set out on a journey of exploration you never thought possible.

Navigation Course

Two days of introduction to maps for women. Hands on practical sessions that will help you understand maps and use them for walking.

Read what Nicky Holford  had to say about the course in the Sunday Telegragh.  Also featured in the Sunday Times by Jennifer Cox ( need to subscribe to read article) and on Radio Scotlands Outdoors programme as well as magazines such as Trail, Scotland Outdoors and the Herald on Sunday. Also featured on BBC 2 Grand Tours of Scotland.

Information about local accommodation and food provided.

Minimum of 3 needed for course to proceed.

Booking forms and information

For more information contact Fran tel 01764 670541 or 075 1895 8032, complete the form below



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