Contact and costs

As you see from the latest blog, I’m no longer continuing with Aye Can but instead switching to a new social enterprise Ayecan Change.

Thanks for support to those who have been with me.

May your adventures be great and your time outdoors plentiful.

Make this a year to commit to doing something different, have some fun on the way and see, feel and hear the difference. Checkout Ayecan Change.

I’m based in the lovely village of Comrie in Perthshire and run some courses from here but can also meet you where you are.

What does it cost?        

Courses and coaching sessions vary from £40  to  £400 and a range of prices in between depending on how long they lasts and the minimum numbers needed.

For one to one sessions which are specifically focused on you and your needs, the costs are proportionately higher and so is the attention to your specific needs.

When you are being coached ,  I spend time preparing for the session and then following up afterwards so that your needs and focus remain central.  So for the hour you receive, there is an hour of work AT LEAST that happens in the background.  Fees reflect this fact.  Most plumbers charge at least £35 an hour for just turning up to fix your parts…..

£75 up to an hour for face to face consultation or coaching (including walk and talk)

£65 for up to an hour telephone coaching

£40 for 30 minutes of coaching

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or paypal.

Want to find out more?  Call for a FREE, no obligation 15 minute coaching session.

Contact Fran  Tel 07518 958 032

Or complete this contact form



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