Climb Mountains

As you see from the latest blog, I’m no longer continuing with Aye Can but instead switching to a new social enterprise Ayecan Change.

Thanks for support to those who have been with me.

May your adventures be great and your time outdoors plentiful.

Inspiring Challenge and Adventure   



contact  Fran for more information 

Looking for a new adventure and a bit of a challenge?

If a Munro is too much for you just now I can support you to get fit and motivated for this adventure.

The Moroccan Adventure

Email fran at ayecan dot org dot uk for more information  and to subscribe or complete form below.

This fabulous trip to the Atlas Mountains involves several days of trekking in order to reach  the summit of some of the highest mountains in North Africa.


Muleteers will carry tents and overnight gear  for the trek so you only need a day sack.  They set up a camp in preparation for our arrival each night while we are guided through amazing terrain.

DSCN2037We will also spend a couple of nights in Marrakesh and experience the souks( Bazaars) and famous night market.

I have previously worked with the Moroccan based company who will provide the experience in Morocco and have supported a similar journey in another part of the Atlas Mountains.

Check out art work created by a participant inspired by last years trek

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