Being bold : a challenge for you


I’ve just returned from a few weeks away on a journey.  It’s been fabulous to have a change of scene and change to the normal day to day routine.   Travelling with my daughter, who is in her twenties encouraged me to be bold and adventurous.

South Africa 094I found myself in the sea face to face with great white sharks, then squeezing through tight spaces in amazing underground caves and zipping through the tree canopy attached to a harness, yelping with delight.South Africa 315



These adventures have reinforced how life enhancing it is to do something different.  I’ve been very privileged to be able to travel to another part of the world and not everybody can do this. However we can all make small changes and see adventure in things around us.

One of my resolutions is to continue to have adventures on a regular basis so last night I watched the stars from my garden and saw some shooting overhead.

In among the more adrenaline fuelled activities of recent weeks I’ve undertaken a more thoughtful challenge: This entailed me attempting to do some art – something I’ve not tried since my schooldays.   At school I was told not to even to think about taking part is the subject as I had no ability.  I’ve carried this message of myself around for a long time so the thought of putting pen to paper in an attempt to create something beyond stick creatures was pretty daunting.  Whilst not claiming to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh, I have been pleasantly surprised that I can produce something vaguely artistic and that I can enjoy the process too. Being bold and adventurous can be done without the need to chase adrenaline.  So my challenge to you is to find something you thought you couldn’t do too and give it a try.  Be bold and adventurous. Treat yourself lightly and have some fun on the way.

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Get up and Go – have some Change and Adventure in 2015

I had a lovely walk from Comrie yesterday and decided to walk a route I’d not been on for ages. There had been a number of changes to the route so it turned into a wee adventure, seeing things I’d not seen before.

Changes around ComrieNew year is often a time for thinking about change so as a change from ‘Get up and Go’, which I have run for the past 3 years, this year’s challenge is about change and adventure. Anybody up for change and adventure?

The plan: Report at least weekly on your progress towards goals you have set for change and adventure via facebook.
This can be things you want to change or do differently(start something, stop something, do more of or less of something) then share it and get support on your journey
Choose an adventure you’d like to undertake or more than one if that lights your fire –big, small, somewhere in the middle – and share that too. You may find others to join you if that is what you want.
Some examples:
Changes for me this year……….
Start each day with a couple of stretches. Got out this habit of late.
Stop making excuses for why the office is such a mess and take some action to sort it out! I’ll do more tidying up of the office by setting aside 10 minutes a day until I find the floor again! Then work out my next strategy from there.
Spend less time on the computer. I’m setting a cut off time of 8pm when it is shut off for the day and work finished.
Go for a starlit walk instead of watching the TV or computer on a fine evening this month.   Make a curry ( a BIG adventure for a non-cook) and enjoy it by the end of January 2015.
Plan for a trip to Morocco in October 2015.

If anyone want to join in any of these adventures – you are very welcome. The more the merrier.

To help you on your way there are FREE tools available by signing up to my mail list. A tool to check out where the balance is in your life and then how to ensure goals you set are followed through.

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Reasons to be positive

Reasons to be positive

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Get up and Go 2014

Calling all couch potatoes, ultra fit people and everyone in between…New year is just around the corner and its time to get up and go again


This is the third year running and since I set it up I have done something every day apart from two occasions when the odds were really against me.  Sometimes that has meant literally marching on the spot or running up and down stairs to get in the time I have agreed with myself and I feel fitter and healthier for it. Most of the time I take some fresh air and relish the time to take in the elements -even the wind and rain – and get some head space.  So if it is your first time here – WELCOME and if you are returning WELCOME BACK.  Look forward to sharing what you do over hte coming weeks and sharing some of my plans for adventure with you too!


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Summer is on its way

It has been a dark winter in many ways with long cold days that seem to have gone on forever now finally it does feel as if the summer is around the corner.  Daffodils are out now providing a sunshine feel, even though they are late. It is almost as if they couldn’t make their mind up as to whether to come out and play or not and were holding back for more favourable times before deciding to go for it.

A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine

I too have been holding back for more for favourable times and have put on hold plans to develop an online course around weight management. Niggles to a shoulder, exacerbated by computer use, tell me that more online worked just now is not the way to go so instead I’m focusing like the daffodils on being in the fresh air as much as I can.Much better for the soul than looking at a small screen.

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In control or out of control?

At the start of the year I took inspiration from a river running through the village and pondered on how occasionally it spilled over in a fit of pique, lost its way and some control temporarily but then sorted itself out and got back on track. Little did I know how out of control it would get.

Flooding in ComrieAs many of you have heard, the village of Comrie was flooded not once, but twice this year.  I was fortunate to be on the ‘right side’ of the river and avoided the trauma of the river on the rampage.  My thoughts are with those for whom havoc has been wreaked, especially over the festive season.

Nature is not an easy beast to tame and the destruction when she rages out of control it can be beyond comprehension. As the year draws to a close, it seems there are a number of other areas out of control: The economy continues lurching forward in a troubled way as does our love affair as a nation with alcohol and food.  Sometimes it seems we are hell bent on our own destruction so now is the time to think about regaining some control, at least over the areas that we can control so I have a few challenges for you:

Once I have toasted in the New Year I plan to take up the challenge of a dryathlon, a month without alcohol which is being championed for cancer research.  Join me with a dry start to the year or sponsor me if you want to.

Time to get up and go?

Time to get up and go?






My second challenge is to join me again and ‘Get up and go’ for a minimum of 10 minutes a day and extending this to 30 minutes by the end of the month.  I started the year with the intention of managing half an hour of something every day on the exercise front and built that up to managing an hour three times a week.  I’m really chuffed that I have stuck to my goal.  It has meant a compromise sometimes with two lots of 15 minutes or two lots of 30 minutes and I’m almost there….

Next challenge is to join me in a Nordic Walking starting and finishing at Scone Palace by Perth and raising money for breast cancer.  To help you train for this, I’ll be running  ‘Half Hour HIIT ‘ sessions.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training – a great way to boost fitness, charge up your metabolic rate and manage your weight.  I’ll base this around Nordic walking with some resistence exercises and if you join me at the start, this will work for any level of fitness.

Nordic Walking. Enjoying a break at Cultybraggan

Nordic Walking. Enjoying a break at Cultybraggan

My final challenge is to control your weight. I have got my weight under control this past year thanks to following my own medicine. This next year I am going to share my secrets with those who are interested and launch an online course ‘Aye Can Take the Weight Off’.  This will be available at a reduced rate as I trial it, so if you are looking to control your weight, get in touch before Jan 10th.

Take the weight off your mind

Take the weight off your mind

So what kind of year will 2013 be for you? Will you be in control or out of control?


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First snows and hibernation

There is lots of talk of an early and hard winter this year.This week saw the arrival of the first snows in Comrie.  Just a wee smattering at ground level and on the hill tops that looked beautiful all the same.

First snows around Comrie

Wintertime is the time for many creatures to hibernate.  A time to take stock, and to slow down.  For myself, I’ve had a break over the past few weeks.  It has felt like a hibernation as I have eased off normal activities and instead taken time to care for my son undergoing an operation for a rare condition, full of unknowns.  It’s been a scary time for all of us.  However, looking for the silver lining, it has also provided time to take stock, reflect and make the most of that slower pace.

Now, with the operation successfully behind, it is time to emerge out of this “hibernation”. Throughout this period I have relied, as ever, on being able to take some breathing space outdoors in addition to the support of friends and family.  I now have a new appreciation of what is important in life and a new energy to make the most of what I have. So, as the nights draw in, can you take some time to slow down and appreciate the good things?


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