Beginnings and Endings

beginnings and endings

Beginnings and Endings

It is with some sadness that I write to let you know that I am folding up Aye Can and to confuse things or perhaps simplify things I have set up a new social enterprise Ayecan Change (more of which later).

I’ve been in business for almost 20 years in some shape or form and I’ve loved what I have done. Working in the outdoors has been a priviledge in many ways but it has got harder to make a living from this. Money is not a driver for me but I do still need an income. I realised early on that the rates paid in the outdoor world were poor so I was happy to be self-employed and exploit myself rather than be exploited by others but earlier this year, I finally grasped the ins and outs of profit and loss and realised that I do not earn a profit though there is money in the bank!

Meantime, over the past few years I have moved in the direction of coaching and related work and become interested in overall health and well-being.  This has led to setting up a social enterprise and rather than spread myself thin I’ve decided to switch my focus to this.

Ayecan Change

The aim of the new enterprise is to promote long term sustainable weight management based on a holistic approach that fosters a healthy relationship between body and mind alongside sound nutritional and physical activity advice. This enterprise brings together my background in psychology, community health and physical fitness. I’m supported by a board of Directors and Expert Panel which includes input from a nutritionist.

The social enterprise is called Ayecan Change.  I’d really appreciate your support for this as we establish ourselves. So if you are up for it a like on the facebook page via this link would be really helpful.  It is the like button at the top left side I’m asking you to like and feel free to share.  We are not for profit and have almost no budget so people sharing and liking helps a lot.

Registered as Aye Can Change CIC SC562046

Cooking from scratch

In addition to the online and face to face programmes we are looking to run, we are going to check out ideas to support people, particularly those who struggle for one reason or another to cook from scratch. So – if you bear with me – I’ll ask you one more favour in a few weeks time – and that is to respond to a survey on this.

Morocco 2019?

The one thing I am considering for 2019 is a final trip to Morocco under my old company name of Breathing Space Outdoors. So again, if you bear with me I’ll send you details of that assuming I can make it feasible. Here are some scenes from the previous trip.


Sixty over Sixty

The final plan and request for 2019 is to support me in doing 60 Munros over 60 days. I’ll be doing this as a fundraiser and will share details with you in the same communication as above.
So, with these thoughts of beginnings and endings.  I wish you a Happy New Year a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and much enjoyment to you all in the great outdoors.


About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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