Back on track

Morocco seems a long time ago now with the short days upon us and a dusting of snow on the hills. What I forgot to mention when I posted about Morocco, was that right at the end of the trek when we had done all the hard work, I fell down a hole. As a result, I had a small but deep gash to my leg that has taken a couple of months to heal.  It has taken some time to get back on track.  For someone who enjoys moving around it was pretty hard to deal with the restrictions imposed by the injury and I found myself restricting my movement further as I lost confidence in my ability to get myself out of danger quickly.  Normally, I reckon I can run away from a situation if required so am happy to walk pretty well anywhere – night or day. Not so when I was moving slowly.


A dusting of snow on hills around Comrie

The other reason I am confident to go most places is I have generally a good mental map for most places and know how to read a map so reckon if I get lost I’ll also be able to work out where I am.  So the whole episode has been a reminder of how much I value and appreciate both my fitness and skills. Take a minute to think what keeps you on track: what do you appreciate and value about yourself?

Meantime if you want to get fitter or feel more confident about reading a map then check out my website  or sign up for a newsletter to be kept up to date.


About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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