First snows and hibernation

There is lots of talk of an early and hard winter this year.This week saw the arrival of the first snows in Comrie.  Just a wee smattering at ground level and on the hill tops that looked beautiful all the same.

First snows around Comrie

Wintertime is the time for many creatures to hibernate.  A time to take stock, and to slow down.  For myself, I’ve had a break over the past few weeks.  It has felt like a hibernation as I have eased off normal activities and instead taken time to care for my son undergoing an operation for a rare condition, full of unknowns.  It’s been a scary time for all of us.  However, looking for the silver lining, it has also provided time to take stock, reflect and make the most of that slower pace.

Now, with the operation successfully behind, it is time to emerge out of this “hibernation”. Throughout this period I have relied, as ever, on being able to take some breathing space outdoors in addition to the support of friends and family.  I now have a new appreciation of what is important in life and a new energy to make the most of what I have. So, as the nights draw in, can you take some time to slow down and appreciate the good things?



About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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