Propped up

Birnam OakI sat under the Birnam Oak near Dunkeld last week, enjoying the final few rays of sunshine as I savoured my al fresco evening meal.

This grand old relic was propped up by some timber to stop its long branches falling on to the ground.  Presumably, without the props it would be destabilized.  After several hundred years of existence I think I might feel a little destabilized if I wasn’t propped up!

It made me think of how it has been the past few months for me as I have travelled north to south several times to support my aging parents.  We all need some propping up sometimes and so there has been a chain of support created where we siblings prop up the seniors and our partners and children help to prop us up in trying circumstances.

SUnshine on Birnam OakIn amongst the comings and goings,  my most important personal ‘prop’ has been to take some time every day to get outside to appreciate something of the natural world  taking some exercise and breathing space outdoors.  So it felt very satisfying to sit under the ancient oak in Birnam and contemplate what had passed by this tree over the passage of time and how, with some practically positioned props it could continue to grace us with its presence.

When do you need propping up?  What works for you?


About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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