Tip of the iceberg

My brain hurts.

Sometimes it seems that our thoughts are dominating our lives.  Must do this, should do that, don’t forget this, try that etc.  So it is quite surprising that only some 10% of what we do is governed by our conscious minds.  Like an iceberg the tip is only a small proportion of what is really going on.

Tip of the iceberg

Much of what we do is done without thinking about it.  A lot of life passes by on automatic pilot.  Indeed it needs to.  We’d be overwhelmed if every action we took was part of our conscious mind.  So when we are learning something new it can really hurt the brain as it is much more conscious thinking than usual.

Mine hurts a lot just now.

We all learn in different ways and I’m that person who takes the IKEA package out and gets half way through before I think to read the instructions properly.  And that is what I did with Mail Chimp a fancier communication systems for emails etc.

I got off to a flying start sending out a lovely pretty looking email with the easy press of a button.  It felt good.  Some seven hundred emails later, some bounces and a few unsubscribes I was feeling pretty chuffed.  All good and well though.  Then, I get the email to say that as I had too many unsubscribes (1.2% of total sent) the account is suspended until I get everyone to manually sign up. Groan.

More haste, less speed.  I just went onto automatic pilot on this one, adopting my usual pattern of diving in without reading the small print.  It would be lovely to think you live and learn.  So maybe next time, I’ll think a bit more about what is below the tip of the iceberg and rein in that automatic pilot….. Meantime, if you receive an email from me, please bear with me and sign up.


About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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1 Response to Tip of the iceberg

  1. Sheila Duncan says:

    Hi Fran,

    Loving the website – looks really good.

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