Follow the river

For those who have taken on the challenge to ‘Get up and Go’, this week is probably the most challenging. The week started with  ‘Blue Monday’, which according to the pundits is the day in the year that many people apparently hit rock bottom. The week, at least on the weather front seems to have continued in that vein with few rays of sunshine.

Freezing River Lednock near Comrie 2011

I decided to get out this morning to honour my commitment to ’30 minutes of exercise’ before the threatened rain/snow arrived.

As I meandered along the river I thought about how a river works.  It flows one way with one goal in mind – reaching the sea.  However on the way there are often barriers that stop it taking the course it had intended so it finds ways to get around the problem. It diverts to other places with less resistance.  Sometimes in a rage it spills over the boundaries and goes places it is not normally seen.  Other times it gently gurgles along delighting all.  On occasion it almost dries up as it is not being fed enough at source to keep its energy up and it can even freeze up with little movement.

So how is the river of your life doing?  Raging, gurgling, diverting itself, drying up or frozen?  Wherever you are on your journey, just remember, there is more than one way to get there. Keep focused on where you want to go and, like the river don’t be afraid to try other routes to get there.

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About Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I combine specialist skills in coaching with encouraging people outdoors inspiring change and adventure.
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