Where would you like to go?  

        Nan Shepherd  is the answer…..and the question?

Coming up ….. 15th May Munro Days ….  4th June Map Reading Course ….  17th -19th June Mid summer adventure

AYE CAN  Inspiring Change and Adventure

Sometimes life creeps up on you and you realise you’re…

  • not as fit or healthy as you want to be…
  • feeling ground down by responsibilities…
  • dancing to other peoples agendas…

Sound familiar? 

It’s time to get fit, recharge your batteries and feel fab!

  Go on treat yourself – do something different…

Have an adventure!

Join me at Aye Can: be inspired to see possibilities for change and adventure in day to day life and who knows where you will end up.

‘If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got’


At Aye Can the focus is on what is possible. What CAN you do. I provide health and fitness coaching both off-line and online. I can support weight management through an online course and I encourage adventure both in Scotland and further afield.

If you are seeking adventure, start in Scotland and join me for a day on on a Munro or other top. There is nothing better for the spirit than a day outdoors in stunning scenery.

If you are looking for more than a day, join me on a Mid summer adventure trip to explore the Creag Meagaidh massif near Newtonmore or get bold and venture further afield on a trip to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco where an off the beaten track adventure will expand your horizons. Or learn to read maps and set off on your own journey.

Off the beaten track in Morocco
Off the beaten track in Morocco will take you into a different culture and through wonderful scenery. Find out more about this adventure here  journey

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Let me support you on your journey to health and fitness through coaching.


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