Get up and go

As we creep towards the end of the year in the half light of day with the wind, rain and now snow swirling around, many of us will turn our thoughts to what resolutions we will make for the coming year.  

As reported in my last blog, I started mine early this year to get the practice in….one thing I set out to do was to run every day for 25 minutes in December.  I am almost there now and I am delighted to have ‘stuck it out’.  It has been a challenge on many a day but I am very proud of myself for getting this far.  I faltered early on, missing a day due to lots of pressures and had a choice to either throw in the towel at that point or stay with it.  Then the knees started to moan and again I had a choice and decided to stick with it switching to using nordic walking poles to run with which made a huge difference so here I am, despite hurricane winds, with one day to go.

What was really important about the challenge was that I declared to others that I was doing this, committing to this through a facebook group along with others who were taking up the challenge, then I shared my progress through facebook and importantly, got company and encouragement for what I was doing. So, taking this model, I am throwing out a challenge to everyone who wants to improve their wellbeing, to decide on a fitness challenge and sign up for an event I have created on facebook called ‘get up and go’.  State what your own challenge is for the month, report on your progress weekly and get support from others along the way.  It can be 10 minutes a day of walking if you are new to this or running a half marathon if that lights your fire.  The key point is to make a start. And it is OK if the odd day doesn’t go your way…… Stick with it and ‘get up and go’

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Aye Can

I love the outdoors and getting up on to the high tops. I have specialist skills in coaching as well as navigation and love inspiring change and adventure. I live in Comrie, a beautiful part of Perthshire in Scotland and part of Strathearn. The title- Earl of Strathearn - was given to Prince William on his marriage to Kate Middleton.

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